The Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection is involved in the saving mission of the Church in places where the Risen Christ needs hearts and hands to be able to love and help lead people to holiness.

The Sisters catechize and are engaged in various types of parish work [as sacristans, organists, parish secretaries, and as parish visitors ministering to the sick]; they work in schools and kindergartens, both in those conducted by the Congregation as well as by others; as well as in hospitals.

Today the homes of the Congregation are found in Poland and the United States, Italy, Great Britain, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Belarus and in Tanzania.

We also show special concern for the sick and suffering and for young people seeking sense in their life and their way of a personal vocation. We organize days of recollection in our homes for girls who want to build their life on the foundation of God’s Love.

The sisters draw their strength to fulfil their mission from the Eucharist and from adoration, praising God who is Mercy.

Their apostolic mission is also undertaken by the older and sick sisters, who encompass the needs of the whole world with their prayer and sacrifice.

Every Sister of the Resurrection strives to be a messenger of hope, joy and peace, carrying the love of the Risen Lord where it is lacking.